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Kunnath Pharmaceuticals Musli Power X-Tra - Product Information

Kunnath Pharmaceuticals Musli Power X-Tra Product ( Musli Power extra ) Description :

Musli Power X-tra is made from exotic herbs that are well documented in Ayurvedic Texts. The product is made from selected herbs which have the power to improve sexual power, general health and well being. Herbs with their specific advantages are given below.

Musli : The perfect sex stimulant and aphrodisiac as well as a rejuvenator.
Kapikachu : Improve semen volume and is an excellent aphrodisiac.
Aswagandha : Increase sexual power, sperm count and acts as good sex stimulant.
Muringa : Products the health of heart, improves blood circulation and prevents premature ejaculation.
Dhathri : Rich in Vitamin C. Powerful anti-oxidant and acts as a rejuvenator. Reduces the process of ageing.
Tirbulus : Increase sperm count and heals urinary tract infections and real stone diseases. Controls bleeding disorders and is a powerful anti-asthmatic.
Vayalchully : Increase semen volume and sperm count. Very good for liver disorders.
Jathi Pathri : Prevents early ejaculation & powerful sexual intoxicant. Acts as a powerful sex stimulant also.
Shilajith : At allround sex enhancer. Increase immunity of the human body and prevents disease.

Musli Power X-tra is a unique formulation of extracts from the world’s most exotic herbs.

Musli Power X-Tra is a specially formulated product which is potent and extraordinarily effective natural sex enhancer which helps to increase libido and works as a powerful Male and Female sex stimulant.

Musli Power X-tra ignites the passion and romance in one’s life and helps to achieve new levels or erotic intimacy and emotional closeness in the relationship of erotic intimacy and emotional closeness in the relationship.

Sexual problems found in MEN 

Erectile disfunction : This may happen due to psychological reasons as well as health problems

Premature ejaculation : Leads to dissatisfaction

Acquired inhibited sexual desire : Due to frustration and embarassment over sexual disfunction

Erectile Problems : Fatigue, Lack of energy, inability to maintain the erection through the sexual act, Failure to satisfy the woman.

Sexual problems found in WOMEN

Inhibited sexual desire – Difficulty in reaching orgasm – Dyspareunia ( painful intercourse ) – Difficulty in getting aroused – Vaginismus Difficulty to penetrate due to vaginal muscle constriction – FSAD: ( Female Sexual Arousal Disorder ) leads to incomplete sexual activity due to lack of lubrication – Sexual aversion disorder – Hypoactive sexual disorder, vaginal dryness, loss of sensation / sensation / sensitivity in the genitals nipple and low blood flow to the genitals.

Rediscover the real life in ‘you’ and renew the passion, pleasure and intimacy.

Sexual health is family health

Sexual is all about enjoying affection, deriving pleasure, involving in intimate playfulness, erotism, intercourse, orgasm and passion for life. Musil Power X-ra will help you in achieving successful, satisfied healthy sex life with your life partner who is very close to your heart.

Musil Power X-tra will help you to rediscover the real woman in you, as you find it difficult to find time between yourself and work. Musil Power X-tra, will make you amazingly happy again with MIP (Most Important Person) in your life.

Musli Power X-tra will give you X-tra power, X-rea time, X-tra pleasure that leads to healthy way to heavenly moments, helps to keep your MIP very close to his/her heart.

How Musli Power X-tra works :

Total course is for 45 days but at the end of first week, noticeable changes can be observed.

  • Tension gets relieved
  • Will gain sexual power
  • Muscles get relaxed
  • Metabolizes fat deposit in the abdominal area
  • Blood supply will improve
  • Fatigue disappears
  • Starts feeling younger once the course is completed
  • Will experience Youthfulness
  • Libido, vigor, stamina, X-tra time are gradually enhanced and last for a long time.

Musli Power X-tra is the nature’s gift to enhance strength, stamina and satisfaction. Musli Power X-tra brings the confidence back and increase the sexual excitemen, stimulation, health and over all energy. Helps to improve circulation leading to erection, control premature ejaculation, gives ‘extra time’ etc.

Kunnath Pharmaceuticals Musli Power X-Tra Experts opinion

“I always sensed the need for giving physical nutrients and sexual potency energizers along with counseling for people with sexual disfunctions”"Infact this herbal aphrodisiac ( Musli Power X-tra ) is a God given wonder drug for people who have sexual as well as fertility complications.

It is highly potent, with no side effects.It is truly reliable and affordable”. Dr.T.V.Mathew ( Ph.D., Clinical psychologist and international sex Therapist ).

“Musli Power X-tra, a natures gift, will fit well in rejuvenating the total body system thereby preventing ageing, give rebirth to youthfulness and improves sexual activities considerably.” opines Dr.Venugopal, ( Herbal expert, Consultant, Sree Sankara group of Hospitals ).

“Musli Power X-tra with no side effects has influenced me to use this among patients. It was very effective for men and women who suffered from executive fatigue.”

Dr.N.N.Ashoka n MD. ( Geriatrics Award winner 2004 )

Acute Toxicity Study of Musli Power X-tra

Results indicate that MPX (0.2gm, 1gm and 5gm / kg body weight) given to ( wistar rats ) male and female for 15 days did not produce any biochemical changes related to hepatic and renal function. MPX administration also did not produce any change in hematological parameters such as WBC, RBC, Platelet, Hemoglobin and differential count.

MPX administration did not produce any weight loss to the animals, or any weight change in organs. Necropsy of the treated animals showed normal appearance of various treated organs. There was also no appreciable change in the histopathology of brain, liver, kidney, and spleen of treated animals.

These results indicates that MPX did not produce any toxicity to rats of concentration (up to 5 gm /kg) and time studied Study conducted Dr.Ramadasan Kuttan ( Phd. Amala Cancer Research Centre, Amala Nagar Thrissur, Kerala, India ) in-April 2007.

Clinical study for Kunnath Pharmaceuticals Musli Power X-Tra

A clinical trail conducted by medical experts on the effectiveness of Musli power X-tra on patients suffering from sexual disfunctions was carried out in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry for a period of 9 months :

S.No Indication Success Rate
1 Partial impotence 88.8%
2 Premature Ejaculation 80.00%
3 Lack of Libido 74.25%
4 Asthenospemia (Less count or poor motility of sperms) 60.00%
5 Generalized Weakness 66.6%

Kunnath Pharmaceuticals Musli Power X-Tra Conclusion : Musli Power X-tra is a highly effective remedy for sexual disfunctions and equally good for general health. A study conducted by Dr.T.V.Mathew and a team of Doctors.

Kunnath Pharmaceuticals Musli Power X-Tra Inference : Heavy metal content in Musli Power X-tra is much below the permitted levels

Field trails with Musli Power X-tra have concluded that in persons with erotic disfunction, fatigue and lack of libido have returned to their normal sexual life after three months of treatment. In asthenospermia, remarkable improvement in sperm count and mobility is observed. In Dysporeumia and FSAD they have become more active and amazingly happy in their private life.

Besides the above, Musli Power X-tra has also shown remarkable improvement in frozen shoulder extending its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. “Overall, I have experienced excellent results with Musli Power X-tra”.

Dr.C.A.Johnson ( BAM, MD, MSRI PGCSD, Sanjeevani Ayurvedic Hospital, Alathur, Kerala, India.)

Kunnath Pharmaceuticals Musli Power X-Tra Duration of Treatment :

For normal adults : 45 days. People with diabetics, Cardiovacular Disease, aged above 65 years etc, the duration of treatment may go upto 90 – 120 days

  • Musli Power X-tra
  • Solve erectile problems
  • Increase volume of ejaculation
  • Improve semen quality
  • Increase sperm count Substantially
  • Controls premature ejaculation
  • Prolongs performance
  • Increase stamina
  • Increase libido
  • Increase sexual confidence
  • Equally good for male and female
  • Years of long action with the same intensity
  • Experience the return of youthulness
  • 100% herbal product
  • No side effects
  • 45 days course

Additinoal Information For Kunnath Pharmaceuticals Musli Power X-Tra

Metal Content Analysis
Musli Power X-tra is tested for heavy metal. contents
Heavy metal Units Results Permitted Level
Cadmium ppm <0.01 0.3
Lead ppm 2.20 10.0
Arsenic ppm <0.001 10.0
Mercury ppm <0.001 1.0


Brief details about Kunnath Company / Brand

Musli Power Xtra, complete solution for the sexual problems. Musli Power Xtra will give you X-TRA POWER, EXTRA TIME, AND X-TRA PLEASURE and will show you the healthy way to heavenly moments. Musli Power Xtra is product from Kunnath Pharmaceuticals. Musli Power xtra is formulated from safed musli, widely known as Indian Herbal Aphrodisiac.

This is an unique formulation of ingredients consisting of the highest quality extracts from world’s best exotic herbs. Kunnath Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the research, development and manufacture of high quality, result giving ayurvedic medicines and food supplements. The founder of the company Mr. K.C. Abraham is well known in the ayurvedic world as a supplier of herbs and medicinal plants to the companies in India and abroad. The R&D of the company is doing research in special areas where the real potential of ayurveda is yet to be explored. A team of doctors and scientists are continuously working to achieve the best out of ayurveda. The treasure of ayurveda is invaluable. We are trying to discover the most of them to make mankind healthy and happy.

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